Got fired from my shitty temp job today. Grrr. Until you land your dream job, all you can do is shake it off at the end of a bad day. It doesn’t matter who you are, from the president to the guy who makes venti white mochas, everyone in the world has fantasized about quitting a job that they totally hate while listening to one of their favorite pump up songs.Stomping out of your job jamming pump up music is the number one fantasy of countless members of the workforce, and everyone should get to do it once in their life. The job market's still very tough, your 401 (k) has probably lost its value over the last week, and your rent, car payment and baby mama aren't going to get paid on their own. So any songs about getting the sack? No great loss, as I should be starting college in a couple of weeks, but I'm pretty pissed off anyway. Songs about getting fired . I was let go once, I think, but not fired. Angry punk ones especially. Message Bookmarked. If you work for a soul-crushing boss at a dead-end job, you’re not alone. Bookmark Removed. I’m sure there’s a difference..." he argues, still he's had some good and if not unusual gigs.

However it's not always been so rosy as this Playlist he's curated for Q suggests, Songs to get fired to... "I’ve never been fired before. His luckless protagonist tried to follow in his daddy’s footsteps and get a good job, but he found the doors of opportunity had closed.