A HUGE volcano eruption in Italy on Wednesday, July 3, has left one dead and several missing. Italy's Stromboli volcano erupts again Italy's Stromboli volcano off the coast of Sicily erupted again Wednesday, the second time a plume of smoke was unleashed in the air in less than two months. The Stromboli volcano is pictured in eruption on July 3, 2019, on the Stromboli island, north of Sicily. The eruption was characterised by explosions and the emission of lava from several eruptive fissures starting from the base of the New South East Crater. Italy’s Mount Etna has started spewing lava in what is its second eruption of the year.

On 22 December the Etna Volcano, located in the eastern part of Sicily, southern Italy, had a sudden eruption from a vent close to its main crater at 3300 m above sea level. But what happened on the island of Stromboli and is … A local volcanologist said it was Etna's "first flank eruption" in more than a decade. Getty First published on July 3, 2019 / 7:13 PM Volcanic ash covered nearby villages, while planes into Catania airport had to be halted temporarily.