Franck Depierre writes in his blog that, “Romain Couturier [one of the 20+ trained Innovation Games Facilitators in France] led the retrospective and proposed the Speed Boat game to achieve it.” Speed Boat creates a ‘safe’ environment where they can tell you what’s wrong. It is particularly effective because it is very visual and graphic. The speed boat is therefore an “innovation game”, that is to say a fun exercise designed to encourage team members to participate. In other challenges, you can race pirate ships, speedboats, and even personal rafts. The Speedboat Retrospective is one of my favorite visualization techniques I use in retrospectives.

Play boat games at In these boat games, you’ll race against the clock to park your ship without any damage. This is how such a speedboat could look: This is always a good starting point for taking the next steps in a retrospective, but the whole technique has one flaw: It … Giving them a chance to write things down contributes to the “safer” process. From Agile Retrospective Resource Wiki. Set sail and become the captain by playing these boat related games.

45-90 minute conference workshop ; Half Day Retrospective workshop for teams; Retrospective Day; Being Agile : Retrospective Sailing is one of the most popular games teams adopt to reflect and map their way forward easily, in a fun, tactile and visual way. It also helps give them an opportunity to reflect on what is genuinely most important. Luke also provides a free online tool to do these with distributed teams at (choose Visual Collaboration Games). How to Improve the Speedboat Retrospective November 4, 2015. by Marc Loeffler. Experience the many different boat types like speedboats, … Every cannonball is tracked in the air and after it hits the target. Luis Gonçalves works with leaders of 7 to 8 figure businesses to help them become highly valued and recognised in order to make an impact in the world. Le Speed Boat. While working with our team as an agile coach, he brought a lot of expertise, positive energy and ideas. Many people don’t feel comfortable expressing their frustrations verbally. Retrospective Sailboat Guide & Video. There is a wide variety of courses available, giving you the choice between river rapids, lakes, and vast oceans. Formats available. Then the team collects all their ideas on Post-Its, puts them below the boat and draws a line from the boat to the anchor. This post explains how to use the SailBoat Retrospective or sometimes called Sailboat Exercise. Added to Process. The speed boat. To encourage participation, even the most reserved, “innovation games” have been developed, including the speed boat Agile. How to use Sail Boat Retrospective -Show the team a picture of the sailboat describer above -Explain that, similarly, a sprint has factors that slow it down and speed it up. In short, Sail boat defines the vision for the team and identify any problems along the way. CARA LYON, an agile group in Lyon, France, recently used Speed Boat to run a retrospective on the group’s activities since the group’s founding. Naval Action is an exciting, realistic, and beautifully detailed multiplayer naval combat game immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ships ruled the seas. Play Boat Games at Free Online Games. En effet, selon le format de rétrospective, le facilitateur peut se retrouver à déployer en plus de ses talents d’animateur des talents de dessinateur, c’est le cas pour le format “Speed Boat”.

Jump to: navigation, search. Realistic ballistics and cannon performance of the period. Our best Boat Games include and 125 more. This technique is extremely simple but powerful. Use: You can read more about the Sailboat technique from Luke Hohmann's book Innovation Games.