A man’s choice can be based on a personal affinity towards a certain set of stars. A lot of guys pick an arrangement that directly correlates with their horoscopes.

I have three freckles on my left wrist that, for my entire childhood, I imagined were Orion's belt. As soon as I started getting tattoos in conspicuous areas I got those dots connected. Other common selections include the Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt. See more ideas about Orion's belt tattoo, Orion's belt and Orion tattoo.

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In such design only three stars (of Orion belt…

Glad to know I'm not the only one that saw something in my freckles! There are infinite options within the realm of constellation ink. It's probably my favorite tattoo. I now have the constellation with a nebula behind it. In such design only three stars (of Orion belt) are inked. Orion Belt Tattoo – Many people just go for Orion Belt tattoo as it represents strength and courage.