Nate Grey, the child of Jean Grey (the Phoenix, and Cyclops) Legion (David Haller), child of Professor X, and more recently known as QBall Franklin Richards, child … Franklin wins. Reviving Galactus and making him your herald. It inevitable that it would come to this. I think this is a question of raw power vs. skill.

Evelyn died when Reed was seven. Respect Franklin Richards. A Franklin Richards at full potential power vs a Nate Grey at full potential power would be a win for Franklin but the name Psi-Lord refers to the versions of Franklin which are basically limited to pretty powerful telepathy and telekinesis and in that area you don't top a Summers/Grey child. They had a son Reed who like his father before him was a child prodigy with special aptitude in mathematics, physics, and mechanics. Nate Grey is one of the most powerful telepaths and telekinetic the Marvel Universe has ever seen. KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > Nate Grey vs Franklin Richards Franklin has better feats, like creating universes ( especially in the last issue of Secret Wars) and besting Celestials. ... With Xavier, Nate Grey and Cable, creates an elaborate mental illusion of the X-Men fighting between themselves. If Frank is a kid, then Nate takes this easy, but it would probably be a tie if Franklin was an adult. Let’s compare the two shall we? Dr. Nathaniel Richards was a brilliant scientist, expert in several fields. It is said, that they had equal potential but Nate, even as a shaman never unlocked his true power. Xavier die six years ago and only darkness followed. THE LAST FIGHT OF MANKIND!Chapter 1.Earth-615 now called Geno named by its conquer Magneto.

This is the most impressive feat Franklin (an adult version) has ever done.

Franklin Richards, the son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm of the Fantastic Four, is a reality warper. Nate Grey is on par with the celestials, but Franklin Richards has a lot more raw power. He met and married Evelyn and together they lived in Central City, California. comics. But Nate is better character. He's able to bend reality and spacetime to his will. Oh yes. This battle depends on whether Franklin Richards is a kid or an adult. He became very wealthy and respected in the scientific community. By the way, how good is Richards's TP resistance? The team veteran Scott Summers were to … First the members of the X-men turned against one another. Nate Grey vs Franklin Richards Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. He was created in the alternate universe of the Age of Apocalypse (295?)