When specifying a resource directory, every file within that directory may not be used. Apache NetBeans Bugzilla – Bug 250449 Support Transitive dependency excludes (Maven 3.2.x+) Last modified: 2017-01-18 12:33:59 UTC

(4) Wir haben ein Maven 2 Projekt mit vielen Modulen darin. I am not a maven guru in the least bit - how do I tell maven (via my child pom.xml) to exclude certain directories from the final jar? Including and Excluding Files From the WAR. I have a multi-module project with three levels of nested modules. However, the default maven build task will include all the develop jars (and especially node_modules) in the final target build. "**/*TestCase.java" - includes all of its subdirectories and all Java filenames that end with "TestCase". It is possible to include or exclude certain files from the WAR file, by using the and configuration parameters. packagingExcludes configuration tag can be used to exclude certain files or directories from the war file. It is important to put '/' character at the end of the directory to be excluded.

Most of times I have got into issues related to cglib library. Exclusions are set on a specific dependency in your POM, and are targeted at a specific groupId and artifactId.

maven-2 - exclude - maven reactor . Excluding certain modules in a profile. If the test classes do not follow any of these naming conventions, then configure Surefire Plugin and specify the tests you want to include. doesn't exclude submodules of from the build Question: Tag: maven,maven-3 I use maven 3.2.3.

If there is no such '/' character, then the entry is interpreted as a regular file. They each take a comma-separated list of Ant file set patterns. In large Maven-based projects consisting of several high-level frameworks sooner or later there will come the time, when there are two versions of the same dependency in the classpath. To address this, Maven allows you to exclude specific dependencies. What I have in result is that the specified module is excluded from …

org.apache.maven.plugins maven-war-plugin … Maven Plug-in. I have a multi-module project with three levels of nested modules. Including and Excluding Artifacts. Thus, we may have to specify only the files that we want to include or specify the files that we want to exclude. This application can be ran using the following command $ java -jar Application.jar Unfortunately, this application will fail to run as it is missing the SLF4J library, which was excluded on purpose. "**/*Tests.java" - includes all of its subdirectories and all Java filenames that end with "Tests". Re: How to exclude content from Maven packaging for Oracle SOA 12c code CH.ADITYA Sep 2, 2016 10:21 AM ( in response to CH.ADITYA ) Uploaded the libraries into Artifactory and download from there using pom.xml entries. When you build your project, that artifact will not be added to your project's classpath by way of the dependency in which the exclusion was declared . Currently the include/exclude format is based upon the dependency conflict id which has a form of: groupId:artifactId:type:classifier.A shortened form of the dependency conflict id may also be used groupId:artifactId.. For example: two versions of the same logging framework. If you want to have line number information included in the coverage reports or you want source code highlighting the class files of the test target must be compiled with debug information. Wie schließt man ein Modul aus einem Maven-Reaktor aus? On the sony binding, I have a webapp that works fine. One approach to solve such ambiguity is to choose one of the versions (which is hopefully compatible) and to… I would like the other module's artifacts be deployed to our remote repository when mvn deploy is run, but would like to avoid having the assembled artifact deployed due to its size. ... For this task I tried to use -pl option and specifying the module I want to exclude from the build using !moduleName.
Maven: Excluding a Module Artifact from the Deploy Phase I have a multi-module Maven project where one's module purpose is to create an assembly which is of a good size. Hi, I am using maven 2.0.4 and I want to be excluding certain modules while building my project in a certain profile. Maven -pl !