What happened to Sputnik wasn't unusual. Sputnik; dansk: ~ ledsager eller drabant) blev som den første satellit sendt i kredsløb om Jorden d. 4. oktober 1957.Satellittens primære videnskabelige mission var at hjælpe med til at bestemme tætheden af de øverste lag i Jordens atmosfære ved at sende data om dens baneændringer tilbage til Jorden. Even though the atmosphere is very thin in low earth orbit, there is enough to exert a drag force and ultimately degrade the orbit. As a result, recovering the PS-2’s canine passenger was not an option as it had been with the ballistic test flights. General Questions. Amateur Barbarian. Or has it fallen to Earth? Airman Doors, USAF. atmosphere. Straight Dope Message Board > Main > General Questions > Is Sputnik still in orbit? At ROOM, we share a common objective – promotion of peaceful space exploration for the benefit of humankind, all while bringing you fascinating articles on a variety of interesting topics. Essentially all of the spacecraft from this era have long since decayed from orbit. It was launched on a higher orbit than Sputnik and will probably stay in orbit for ~250 more years. Related Questions. View Full Version : Is Sputnik still in orbit? 04-25-2013, 07:43 PM.

Sputnik 1, launched on Oct.4, 1957, became the first artificial satellite to successfully orbit the Earth. Sputnik 2, the first spacecraft to carry a living animal (the dog Laika), launched 3 November 1957. reentered Earth's atmosphere on 14 April 1958 after 162 days in orbit. It will make its 100,000th revolution in 2017. View Full Version : Is Sputnik still in orbit? The satellites have to be corrected for atmospheric drag regularly. Sputnik 1 (russisk: Спутник, tr. No. 04-25-2013, 07:46 PM. The Soviet satellite Sputnik 1 became the first human artefact in orbit on October 4, 1957. Low orbits, orbits below 500 km are not stable. Sputnik 1 burned up on 4. January 1958, as it fell from orbit upon reentering Earth's. Or has it fallen to Earth? If so, how long did it stay in orbit before tumbling back? PDA. 04-25-2013, 07:39 PM. It was a metallic sphere about 2 feet across, weighing 184 lbs (84 kg), with long “whiskers” pointing to one side, and stayed in orbit for 6 months before falling back to Earth.

Straight Dope Message Board > Main > General Questions > Is Sputnik still in orbit? 1965: Project Moonwatch volunteers in Pretoria, South Africa, one of more than 100 teams worldwide. Its rocket booster, weighing 4 tons, also reached orbit and was easily visible from the ground. Sputnik was in low Earth orbit and was certainly in the zone that experiences some level of drag. Sputnik, any of a series of three artificial Earth satellites, the first of whose launch by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957, inaugurated the space age. [Archive] Is Sputnik still in orbit? Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite launched, was a 83.6-kg (184-pound) capsule. Mr. Hardwick is, of course, correct. No, 2 months, and Google, y'know. The Sputnik 1 rocket booster also reached Earth orbit and was visible from the ground at night as a first magnitude object, while the small but highly polished sphere, barely visible at sixth magnitude, was more difficult to follow optically. Vanguard 1, launched 5 months after Sputnik, is the oldest man-made object in orbit. The first U.S. satellite, Explorer, was launched on January 31, 1958. Sputnik still in space articles ROOM: The Space Journal is one of the prominent magazines on space exploration, technology and industry. PDA. Amateur Barbarian. this one carried the dog Laika. If so, how long did it stay in orbit before tumbling back? Sputnik 2, known to Korolev's design bureau as "Prosteyshiy Sputnik-2", meaning "Simple Satellite 2", was launched into a 212 × 1,660 km (132 × 1,031 mi) orbit with a period of 103.7 minutes on a modified ICBM R-7, similar to the one used to launch Sputnik 1. Northern Piper.

04-25-2013, 07:43 PM. In fact, this is what happens to most satellites if you launch them into low-Earth orbit and leave them there to fend for themselves. No, there were several Sputniks, but as they were all in low orbit, they burned up in the atmosphere after a few months/years. Laika, a mixed-breed dog, became the first living being in orbit when the Soviet Union launched her on the Sputnik 2 mission on Nov. 3, 1957. Hello— I received an email to answer this question— so here I am. Wiki User 2013-11-30 11:57:29. Sputnik 3, a research satellite launched 15 May 1958. reentered Earth's atmosphere on April 6, 1960, about 2 years.

As Sputnik proved, the Soviets obviously had the means to launch a satellite but they still did not have the technology to return a payload safely from Earth orbit. 04-25-2013, 07:39 PM. Northern Piper.

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