Hannah Gadsby. 776. By cuitandokter Last updated . For Hannah Gadsby, the next best thing to being an unfunny comedian is to be a miserable shrew and general harbinger of bitchiness. Now a crop of queer comics are getting back to boots, quiffs and taches. In her Netflix special, 'Nanette,' not only does she critique the medium, but she also might be helping it evolve. It's okay, I can use negative female stereotypes, as Gadsby builds her gender-non-binary dream castle atop negative male stereotypes. The one-hour Netflix special that is Hannah Gadsby's Nanette is breathtaking. Hannah Gadsby made butchness cool again. Hannah Gadsby. Employing humor as a stiletto she tells her story and make us uncomfortable, she shares with us more than laughs, she shares with us a bit of her soul. Share. Hannah Gadsby take us through a journey that goes from self deprecation as a form of humor (one in which humility is confused with humiliation) to an affirmation of our value as human beings. Hannah Gadsby has her reasons for swearing off comedy. We'll get to that in a jifferino. Sweet Hannah has a piece in the new GQ issue,