Size Chart Selecting the proper size wearable blanket for your child: We recommend selecting a size based on your baby’s current weight and height. A Halo Installation compared to High Charity. How to measure your dog The Girth/fattest part of the belly full circumference measurement is most important reference point. The SleepSack wearable blankets are generously sized to fit over pajamas and provide ample leg movement. Using these measurements, he was able to create a number of interesting scale diagrams shown below: Installation 00 compared to Earth and a Halo Installation. Size Chart and Fit To select the proper size SleepSack, we recommend selecting the size that best matches your child’s weight & height measurements. The SleepSack is designed with a loose, generous fit to ensure a comfortable amount of leg room for your little one when they tuck their feet in for sleeping. Please see where that number is in our size chart and order that size. Stephen Loftus from was able to figure out the size of various elements in the Halo Universe. High Charity and the Forerunner dreadnought.