6 SHADEs. And if you have yet to bite the bullet and try a Foreo device, the brand has just launched its smallest, cutest and cheapest model yet - the Luna Play, a disposable sonic cleanser (no recharging required and it’s good to go for 100 cleansing sets). Nedavno sam s vama podijelila vijest da mi je stigla i nova verzija LUNA play plus pa sam, između ostalog, dobila i par pitanja što je FOREO uopće. UFO Mask Make My Day.

Out of Stock. Foreo. LUNA Mini 2 for Disney (Limited Edition) $245.00. Luna Mini 2 - key Improvements Include: - 50% bigger brush face LUNA play vs. LUNA 2. $15.00. Foreo’s Luna Play Plus is the perfect tool to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant on the go.The LUNA Play Plus combines T-Sonic™ cleansing and anti-aging technology in a mini device, no larger than a cotton pad. LUNA play plus takes everything you love about the tiny but mighty LUNA play and adds that little extra plus you need for a perfect complexion. I would suggest that you and your mom try out FOREO using the Luna Play and then expanding to see which Luna works best for your skin type. The FOREO Luna 2 and 3 have two different speeds- 1 for washing and the other is a softer vibration used to help massage skincare products deeper into the skin. When comparing with the full-size FOREO LUNA 2 (which I reviewed here), I’d say the LUNA play most closely resembles a cross between the ‘normal’ and ‘combination’ skin versions. LUNA play plus has a bigger 2-zone brush head and longer bristles to cover a larger surface area with softer and more advanced cleansing power. Foreo.

It is suitable for all skin types: thinner touchpoints gently cleanse sensitive or normal skin and larger areas like the cheeks while thicker touchpoints on top offer deep, precision cleansing of areas like the T-zone. All orders typically arrive within 3-5 days. Out of Stock. It has a larger brush head for distributing T-Sonic™ cleansing power, plus it uses a replaceable AAA battery so you can enjoy your LUNA for much longer! Foreo recently launched the Luna Play ($39), a mini-er version of its Luna and Luna Mini devices, and Space NK was kind enough to send me the Luna Play to play with a little while ago (pun intended). LUNA play plus. $79.00. Both cute and compact, what makes LUNA play plus and LUNA play so special in their own unique ways? It contains a non rechargeable battery for up to 100 uses.

What is LUNA play? Find out now! Here’s our easy guide to find out which FOREO device is the right fit for you. When you get down to it, the main points to consider are your budget, whether you want touchpoints customized to your skin type, and whether you want a rechargeable device. FOREO LUNA mini 2, LUNA 2, & play plus It can be a little overwhelming when you’re trying to decide between all of these models, which FOREO LUNA to get. Iz toga razloga, samo par kratkih rečenica za one koji još nisu upoznati s ovim brandom. With that in mind, you can use the LUNA play to gauge your best fit in the LUNA 2.

Larger than both the LUNA play and the LUNA go, the LUNA play plus uses its larger 2-zone brush head and longer bristles for deep T-Sonic cleansing power, at a budget-friendly price. For true beauty addicts who are on a budget, LUNA play plus is the perfect device to bridge the gap. The Play Plus uses AAA batteries and is 100% waterproof. Below are my thoughts on … FOREO LUNA PLAY The Luna Play, is Foreo's smallest device. Luna Play Plus. I picked up the Luna Mini ($99, original version) myself to compare with the Play. The device is priced at $39 and comes fully charged and ready to use. Foreo.