To fund the opening of a store, we need community commitment and capital to pay for all that comes with starting a business — from signing a lease, to equipment, to legal fees. Our members, over 3,000 of your friends and neighbors, are equal owners of Just Food. Currently, people who like to shop at Co-op's and natural food stores travel outside Pullman to get what they want.

Your Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth, MN. Co-op Board of Directors. Join Co-op and you can also use Offers to save on your food shopping every week. If you like the farmers market, you’ll like the Co-op too.

By becoming a member, you receive the right to vote on official co-op matters, attend our annual meeting, and receive the latest progress on our store. Each member can choose one day during each of those periods to enjoy this discount. We hope you’ll join us — become a member today for a one-time fee of $60. Store.
Increased economic impact, stronger, healthier community, food resiliency: At start up 20-30 new jobs will be created. Reaching this goal will move the community forward in opening the . First-time shoppers are welcome to shop at membership prices, as well as folks who are members of other food co-ops.. Our memberships cost very little, as part of our mission statement is to “make good food accessible to more people”. Directions to the Co-op. With our members’ help, we’ve crafted a member benefit program to carry the co-op and our community into a bright and flavorful future. co-op membership: what a great investment Just Food Co-op is your community-owned grocery store. We’ve made it easier for those staying at home to pay for and get their essentials delivered with our Community Shopping Scheme. The dates for 2020 are: February 15‑23, May 9‑17, August 15‑23 and December 12‑20. That’s because, many of the local growers and producers you see at the farmer’s market, also sell to the Co-op. Pullman Good Food Co-op!

BUY INTO A BETTER FOOD FUTURE. Year-round, you’ll find hundreds of local products on our shelves and even more during our summer and fall seasons. By becoming a member, you receive the right to vote on official co-op matters, attend our annual meeting, and receive the latest progress on our store. To join the East End Food Co-op, to check the status of your membership or to reactivate a lapsed membership, simply contact Customer Service at 412-242-3598 or stop by the Customer Service Desk in the front of the store. From 80 South, take the P Street Exit You do not have to be a member to shop at Just Food, but we hope you will consider our invitation to join.

Welcome to The Olympia Food Co-op, a membership-based collectively-operated food store! • 7am–9pm .
Will you help us make that . Featured Producer. By purchasing a membership share, you are indicating that you have read and agree to the Bylaws.

2820 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95816. phone (916) 455-2667.

When you buy selected products and services from us, including our food stores, we put 5% of what you spend into your Co-op Membership account.. You can spend it on most things you buy from us - not just Co-op products.

This is expected to increase to 40-50 with growth.

become When joining the Co-op new members pay $10.00 as a first installment of their member loan. Thank you for your interest in joining this exciting project and helping keep food dollars in our community. All Co-op members (current on their fair share payment plans) receive a 10% Co-op Member Days discount four times a year.