Ahh, no…you’ve watching too many cartoons Leo! Yes, for limited distances.
Even the cartoon version of the bird has wings, though, so you may wonder why he doesn't simply fly out of reach of his nemesis. Can they fly? They only fly to escape predators. Can the greater roadrunner fly? There is also the really pesky fact that roadrunners can fly. Wild coyotes can’t expect roadrunners to actually stick to the road when their life is on the line! They prefer not to but if a coyote were about to catch a roadrunner that roadrunner would take to the wing and be gone! Most everyone is familiar with the cartoon Roadrunner escaping the coyote by dashing away in a cloud of dust. Regards, JCS

The roadrunner normally prefers sprinting, rather than flying. They can run at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Roadrunners spend most of their time on the ground and reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour. Just because a bird has wings, doesn't mean he flies.
However their predator, the coyote, can run twice as fast, making it difficult for the roadrunner to outrun its speedy predator. However, the roadrunner does have one advantage over the coyote, and that is its capability to take flight.