Thinking Differently: Why Apple’s Brand Succeeds Worldwide. Posted by Kenzie Shofner on June 16, 2017 Tweet; No matter where you go, if you put a picture of Apple’s silver Macintosh symbol in front of someone, they’ll immediately be familiar with the logo.
So you might think Apple is taking the concept of “global” to the purist level, using a one size fits-all approach, with a standardized design across all regions, the same range of products for all countries, and no visible customization – also called localization – except for … This list is ordered by the release date of the products. Date Event; 1955: Steve Jobs is born Steven Paul Jobs was born in California. It’s been 40 years since Apple first said “Hello.” Here’s a quick timeline of Apple’s biggest accomplishments and product releases. This timeline of Apple Inc. products is a list of all stand-alone Apple II, Macintosh, and other computers, as well as computer peripherals, expansion cards, ancillary products, and consumer electronics sold by Apple Inc. The two-dimensional outline is recognizable across the globe, synonymous with iPhones, MacBooks and technological innovation.
They took a machine that was unreachable to most people, and they put it down on their level; this changed the face of the world. The US remains Apple’s biggest market. Let’s understand Apple’s global presence in detail. Apple has proven to be highly successful at such expansions. Apple History Timeline Timeline Description: The Apple computer helped change the way that people functioned around the world. What's more, Apple is reportedly planning a sixfold expansion of these outlets next year in a bid to shore up its retail presence in the country. Executive Summary Apple Inc. is one of the most valuable companies in the world with internet sales to 39 countries and over 450 Apple retail stores across the globe (Farfan, 2016).