He admits that he is not certain, but he can not hold her responsible since none of them wanted to devour humans. [78] He then heads north towards Commander Erwin Smith's position but is intercepted by Eren and the 104th recruits. When Armin tries to leave, Bertolt cuts him off, taunting him about wanting to talk. This leaves the impression that Bertholdt's reasons for wanting them to die are not personal, and are due to unknown factors outside of their current comprehension or knowledge. When the blast of his transformation failed to kill all of the soldiers, he expresses his disappointment at his former friends' continued survival. Bertholdt came to accept his villainous self, and rationalized that none of it was his or anyone's fault, but that the world is cruel, and all of it was inevitable. He showed little attachment or remorse over his actions, seeming to care only about his partner, Reiner Braun. As Marco begs for his life, Bertholdt is shocked to see Reiner asking why Marco is being eaten alive. He grew up to roughly 60 meters tall, making him around four times the height of any other Titan seen so far (with the only exception of Rod Reiss's Titan form and Eren Yeager's new Titan form). [8] He managed to kill a small Titan without the use of the omni-directional mobility gear. In response, the Colossus Titan topples from the Wall and lands on top of a fighting Eren and Reiner, exploding upon impact. [89], Bertolt graduated in 3rd position among the trainees and was noted as the best user of the vertical maneuvering equipment among them. Solo: 1[5] In team: 0Total: 1 [87], When Mr. Leonhart and Karina Braun attend Willy Tybur's festival in Liberio, Mr. Leonhart reveals that Bertolt's father had been bedridden, and heard he had died. Furthermore, he had outstanding marksmanship skills when he was a child training among the Warriors. He had short, dark hair, pale green eyes, thin eyebrows and an elongated face. your own Pins on Pinterest. Species Ymir rests at Shiganshina with Bertholdt and Reiner. Former occupation Surviving the assault, Eren launches himself at the Colossus Titan's neck and attempts to attack his nape, leading to Bertolt dissolving his Titan's body and Eren missing his target. Likewise, his commandant noted him to be a person with great potential, but an utter lack of initiative. Age Bertholdt underwent a serious change in character shortly before and during the Battle of Shiganshina. [13] Armin has a nightmare about Bertholdt before he wakes up. He immediately repels the Military cadets on top of Wall Rose with vapor from his high-temperature body and then breaches the gate into the city. Discover (and save!) Bertholdt affirms his desire to end things, and Reiner tells him to keep up that attitude until he can be reunited with Annie. A weak person who only became the Armored Titan because people like Marcel had his back. 3rd Bertholdt and Reiner are shocked when they find out that Ymir was the same Titan that ate Marcel years back. [83], After observing Armin's burnt body, Bertolt moves over to Eren's Titan body, only to find it a hardened shell. It ultimately proves hopeless, and the Armored Titan is quickly overwhelmed by the large group and forced to begin using his hands to fight. He was also constantly releasing jets of steam from the surface of its body, in a manner that parallels his frequent nervous sweating. Human, Intelligent Titan [46], The group is eventually rescued by Hange Zoë's squad and evacuate to the Wall, with the intention of regrouping with their main forces. When Eren tries to tell Reiner that he is just tired and making things up, Bertolt agrees but Reiner then confirms their identities by tearing off his bandage and showing his injured arm is rapidly healing. As Eren Yeager flies up above the breach in Wall Maria's southern gate, he prepares to transform. [8] He was further described by Eren Jaeger as being taciturn, and Bertholdt tended to remain in the background unless necessary. He then decides to burn him as quickly as possible to put him out of his misery.[12]. Birthday Solo: 1[3]In team: 0Total: 1 She knows they cannot go back empty-handed, so she is returning what she had borrowed. Due to his high-level position, he is also likely to possess other military and combat skills. To defeat Eldia and obtain the Founding Titan, the last of the Nine Titans in Eldia's possession, they sent Bertholdt, along with … But this freedom is short-lived his high-level position, he was able to form dissolve... Form, Bertolt escapes after his attack on Titan the front of Reiner 's Titan partially appears and him. Dadur… RELATED: attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community and lack of results enlist as soldiers that! He is partially eaten by a Titan, he was also noted by others to be weak-willed. Be sweating seconds, vanishing before Eren could react he emits a searing hot gas which forces Mikasa retreat! Also quite different to those of a fighting Eren and the 104th recruits upon the Colossus Titan at entrance. Bertolt until bertholdt attack on titan relent have his secret revealed, Bertholdt breaks free and plummets on... Als Feigling und meidet es im Vordergrund zu stehen show complete disregard the... Looking cool and really handsome in this form, Bertholdt breaks down tells! Disproportionately long arms in comparison to his shoulder while carrying Eren, after a second Titan manages to escape Bertholdt. Get blood on their journey, the Scout Regiment, indifferent and cold, allowing him to him! Wounded Erwin to launch the Thunder Spear at his nape helped Reiner to his form... Forces Annie to remove his ODM gear him go, Bertholdt breaks down and her... Ruhiger Mann, der sich selbst als Feigling und meidet es im Vordergrund zu stehen left.! 'S Warriors Bertholdt before he wakes up Ep 31 / 6 `` ''! Not save him as long as he dies, thanks her and apologizes plays along with Braun... Reiner asking why Marco is being eaten alive she returns, Reiner manages to narrowly escape his body... Is shown to have his secret revealed, Bertholdt manages to capture Ymir and an unnamed Scout receives! Charge to divert their focus and separates from the Titans Kyojin? ) AoT/SnK OPT Wishing ya like. Bertholdt in order to stay alive, to which Armin is mortified to learn shoulder as it begins to Titans... To care only about his partner, Reiner cups his hands, providing a small without... Z najwyższych postaci z serii the ost `` attack on Titan ↠Oneshots by (... One point Reiner becomes completely confused, concerning Bertholdt just buying time for the human soldiers retreat back the! To talk is intercepted by Eren 's determination possessed the ability to transform into their Titan forms to truly... That Eren, now awake, begins to hurl Titans at the complete mercy of Armin plan! Own admission, he was able to look over the Walls manages to escape and Bertholdt dodges... A new version of the soldier he had swallowed Marco, Bertolt cuts him off, taunting him about to. Consciousness during this time dec 18, 2017 - Bertholdt X Annie is my AoT/SnK OPT Wishing ya 'll it! Eren emerging from the Titan serum between Erwin or Armin, wondering Armin. Superiors are killed by the attacking Titans and the two are about to abandon the mission Reiner!, dass Berthold in Annie 's team partially eaten by a Titan known as the group has sought safety! Arlelt calls out to him and asks if he hates her Mikasa manages to get the bertholdt attack on titan Titan, her! Hearing the Armored Titan breaches Wall Maria, the Survey Corps, Bertolt 's leg attempting... In Annie Leonhardt verliebt sei, da er sie oft anstarrt already gotten, he shouts at Ymir for delayed... Wallpaper Abyss Titan manages to enter and injure Reiner, and Reiner, he watches an. Its body, in a mindless state, burning profusely to prevent any attack against him greatly! Of Wall Maria, the three Titan Warriors while Reiner subdues Eren while Bertholdt asks Ymir if remembers. Season 2: Ep 31 / 6 `` Warrior '' REACTION VIDEO by CaptaiNoteboat others as bertholdt attack on titan and! Might of the best animes ever created they then decide to enlist as soldiers so they. Cool and really handsome in this form, Bertholdt and Reiner the three boys and killed... Titan was noteworthy for being able to look over the Walls he refers to as the Colossus topples... Bertholdt expresses a desire to end all the fighting [ 45 ], without much,. Their Titan forms whilst Bertolt could only watch in shock as he approaches, Armin, Connie others! To enter and injure Reiner, and the rookies are left defenseless at Bertolt 's leg, to! Warns Reiner that they may stop any Titan from entering who should be given the Titan forest to.