Alberta Health Service's eSignature eLearning Module will illustrate, highlight and discuss the functionality of the eSignature system. In 2013, she joined the Department of Medicine at the University of Calgary as a Clinical Assistant Professor, and Alberta Health Services as a Clinical Informatics Physician. Health professionals access and input patient information in Alberta Netcare online by registering as an authorized user. Log In Forgot Password?. Dr. You also need a hard or soft RSA secure identification code for clinical access, including remote access. Notes RSA PIN. It is accessible to health professionals and contains Albertans’ personal health information. UCMG TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES . Phone: (403) 592-5200 ... CUMMING SCHOOL OF MEDICINE UCMG eScription Clinic Codes . Login to Alberta Netcare Portal from the AHS Network You will only be allowed to login if you are part of the Alberta Health Services (AHS) secure network. Physicians familiar with the Alberta Health Services provincial eScription dictation service may continue to use it while transitioning to Connect Care’s in-system dictation. eScription One medical transcription platform Medical transcription technology eScription One is a suite of applications used by healthcare facilities, Medical Transcription Service Organizations (MTSOs), and medical documentation personnel to streamline the medical documentation process. If you have a hard token: enter your 4-digit PIN and the 6-digit token display (no spaces) into the RSA PIN field. Alberta Netcare Portal Patient Lists Patient Lists is a search tool in Alberta Netcare Portal that retrieves pre-populated lists of patients for the AHS-Edmonton zone. Alberta Netcare, known as the provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR), is a secure and confidential electronic system. © 2020 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. She holds Master of Science degrees in Medical Genetics from the University of Alberta, and in Health Information Sciences from the University of Victoria. eScription ± while Dragon Medical One (DMO) will not be available for in-system dictation, the provincial eScription dictation and transcription service will be available to existing users and can be used to document (provide pMRN, patient name, birthdate and 9999999999 [9 repeated 10 times] for the CSN). eScription can be used for generating large blocks of text, such as a full consultation note. UCMG EScription Clinic Codes Last Updated: 2020-11-09 : UCMG EScription Clinic Codes Page 2 of 11: Table of Contents (click on the site) Alberta Children's Hospital East Calgary Health Centre. When a health professional logs on to the Alberta Netcare, and searches for a patient record, the portal retrieves all of the available information from the provincial systems and presents it … A Step-By-Step Guide to eScription for A Step-By-Step Guide to eScription for Clinicians Clinician Dictation For Support, Contact: UCMG TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES Phone: (403) 592-5200 Fax: (403) 270-0805 E-mail: July 2014 CUMMING SCHOOL OF MEDICINE